Big E Speaks About His Career After Losing WWE Title

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Big E Speaks About His Career After Losing WWE Title

Big E is one of the many superstars in WWE that were given a big push only to find themselves totally irrelevant after one night. Big E’s big push started in 2021 when he managed to win the Money In The Bank briefcase.

He then went on to win the WWE Title for the first time in his life. Big E’s WWE Title reign lasted for a respectable amount of time, during which he fought some top WWE Stars. Since losing the tile, however, Big E hasn’t performed in any high profile matches.

He has also been traded to Smackdown, which is considered WWE’s second most important brand. He was previously a RAW superstar.

Big E States That He Can Only Think About Things That He Can Control

On TalkSport, Big He mentioned that he just wishes to control what is in his power and not let negative thoughts get the better of him.

“My focus has been on controlling what I can. We’ve had several interviews, and I’m sure I’ve already talked your ears off about meditation and how much that has helped me,” Big E said.“But, that’s my job.

I focus on being the performer and do the very best with what I’m given, that’s my focus. “But I don’t want any of that to be perceived as me taking away from being with Kofi and Woods — that’s my greatest delight.

For me, it was a transition I will say I did not expect at this time in my career,” Big E admitted. “I had hoped to climb back and try once again to win back the WWE championship”. Even though he is now on the second most popular WWE brand, Big E revealed that he still wants to make it to the top of Smackdown.

He actually wishes to square off against Roman Reigns one day, he is arguably the top guy in the company right now. “But, we have a pretty big champion [Roman Reigns] and pretty big title on SmackDown as well, so, you never know.

Right now, my focus is all about controlling what I can and doing the best with what I’m given and that’s always been my focus”. Big E is a former member of The New Day, which was at one time WWE’s most popular faction.

Big E is the second former member of The New Day to win the WWE Title. The first one was Kofi Kingston, who also had a memorable title run.

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