Ronda Rousey comments on her WWE engagements: "Will my body hold up?"

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Ronda Rousey comments on her WWE engagements: "Will my body hold up?"

During one of her usual Facebook streams, Ronda Rousey answered a question from a fan who asked her if the grueling schedule of WWE commitments on a physical level was as tiring as the things she did in Judo and MMA. "No, Judo is definitely the hardest on my joints than MMA or pro wrestling.

I was almost ready to retire from Judo just because of how bad it hurt my knees when I was in my early 20s. Even at the Royal Rumble, I wasn't even breathing heavily at the end and in the match the other day [in Saudi Arabia], either.

I'm an athlete, you know? So I didn't feel like I couldn't breathe and anything like that."

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Then she went on to talk about some shows he will do for WWE in this Road to Wrestlemania: "So no, I feel great and I'm not that sore yet, but I have a lot of live shows coming up.

This Friday I'm going to do Smackdown and then I'll do A live show, I think there is one in Rochester and one in Ohio, right? I think the real Smackdown is in Pennsylvania. then after SmackDown, I will have two live shows. I do MSG in New York and then I go to Montreal.

Also in the live, Ronda Rousey told the fans to ask her in a few weeks again how she will feel: "So, in the next two weeks, I will have a lot of matches. Ask me again then. I think doing more matches in a row will be that. which will make me realize it all, it will make me feel sore and travel too.

Just being constantly sitting and standing can make you feel that way, but we're lucky enough as we have the option to travel on a bus, at least I'll be able to lie down and won't have to jump into a car or train after the match, which it helps."

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