What happened to Bray Wyatt? Here are some details about his upcoming ventures

There's still not much known about the reasons for Bray Wyatt's removal from the WWE roster

by J. Anderson
What happened to Bray Wyatt? Here are some details about his upcoming ventures

Jason Baker, owner of Callosum Studios and special effects in make-up, as well as a friend of Bray Wyatt and author of some of his masks in WWE, wanted to give everyone an update on how his work with Bray Wyatt is progressing.

In fact, the two recently started working on a film together at the end of November 2021 and in an interview with the RocknRoll Beer Guy, Baker spoke about the film and beyond: "It's happening. It's going. We did some things in November.

in Tennessee and we're working on a few other things. He's coming. Hopefully, people like it once we put it all together. I had so much fun working with him and directing him when we did the original, the first eight segments of Firefly Fun House, we just connected and became really good friends.

He is an amazing collaborator and one of the smartest people I know. Why shouldn't I work with him? We got other good people involved. It should be fun once we're finally done with it, which is always the hardest part, putting it all together, which we're working on."

Does Baker know the details of Bray Wyatt's release?

Also in the same interview, he was asked if he could give some background to Bray Wyatt's July 2021 firing from WWE: “It's all above my remit.

Once again, I have an incredible relationship with Bray and an incredible relationship with WWE, they have been amazing with us. Of course, I wish he was still there, it was one of the funniest things I ever got to do, professionally and personally, with him involved in WWE.

Again, circumstances that I was not a part of and I don't know exactly what happened. Would I like to see him there again? Of course. Will it be? I have no idea. Even if it were, I wouldn't want to know because I want to be surprised like everyone else. If he comes back, I hope he doesn't tell me and I'll find out like everyone else."

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