Lince Dorado: "I used to go to Vince McMahon with my ideas and he listened to me"

Lince Dorado also shared an anecdote about the WWE Chairman

by J. Anderson
Lince Dorado: "I used to go to Vince McMahon with my ideas and he listened to me"

Speaking on the Two Man Power Trip podcast, former Lucha House Party member Lince Dorado talked a little about his WWE experience before he was fired, analyzing the various ideas he had while there and praising Vince McMahon's willingness to listen.

“Whenever we [Lucha House Party] had a problem or an idea, we always went straight to the boss, Vince McMahon, or Bruce Prichard, or John Laurinaitis. I wasn't going to consider talking to writers who might not be here in six months or three months or might be moving to NXT or returning to SmackDown or might be going to the office.

I'm not going to entertain those guys because I'm wasting my time and my time is precious. I need to go straight to the source and that's what we've always done whenever we've had a problem or an idea. I've always stood up and talked to him."

Lince Dorado shares an anecdote about the WWE Chairman

When obviously asked how McMahon took the ideas he proposed, the luchador told of a time when he liked the idea so much that the Chairman wrote it down in his notebook and explained why it is important that tool.

Lince Dorado said, “He was never combative, at times he seemed genuinely interested, while at times you could safely say he was just nodding his head and just wishing not to have me around. One of the coolest things he's ever seen was never from a writer, only from Vince McMahon.

There was a conversation. Me, Kalisto and Gran Metalik are having a conversation, I'm talking to Vince and he's giving me the same thing, he's nodding and agreeing to get over the conversation. Suddenly, we said something interesting to him and I remember reading Jericho's book, 'If you ever see him picking up a pen and notebook, he's probably really interested.'

At this point, we're talking, and he's quietly moving on, and all of a sudden he picks up a pen and notebook. 'Oh man, he's interested in what we're saying, now we can't lose him. We have it in our hands.' At that moment I realized that we weren't just Lucha's guys to him, we could be something special."

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