Booker T: "Big E should have thought more of himself"

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Booker T: "Big E should have thought more of himself"

In this week's "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker T voiced his thoughts on Big E's return on New Day. On Big E: “I love Big E. He's one of my favorite guys. I've praised Big E on numerous occasions but I don't think he did anything to leave New Day behind.

He was still wearing New Day attire. He kept clapping in the ring just to keep people in tune with: 'It's again the new day. I still represent the New Day.' So, I don't think why he shouldn't go back to the New Day once his single run is over? I said Big E should have lost a couple of things and made that run.

I don't think he focused on him during his solo adventure."

Booker T: "Big E should have parted ways with New Day"

Booker T went on to reiterate: “Social media and things like that, there's a time to actually use it and I think it was a perfect time for Big E to actually use social media and say, 'To hell with New Day.

To hell with Kofi and Xavier. I don't have time to joke and play right now. Out with the old Big E and in with the new.' All this, however, he did not. He had to think more of himself. I want nothing but the best for him. I said I wanted to see him change gears.

In the future, he could always go back to the New Day. It's all like money in the bank. You can take them whenever you need them. But at that moment he had to separate himself from the past to concentrate on what he was doing." On his character, Booker T revealed: “When I became Booker T, everything changed apart from my attitude.

Everything has changed from an outward appearance. I knew I had to go out there and run alone. I knew I could make a living from what Harlem Heat carried on. I was still using music that was great but I always tried to separate myself from what I had done with Harlem Heat.

I just think Big E had a great opportunity to race solo, he did but I think he could have been a little more selfish at the time. Sometimes as a professional wrestler, you just have to be selfish not in part."

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