Bryan Danielson talks about the dangerous moves in AEW


Bryan Danielson talks about the dangerous moves in AEW

Former WWE champion Bryan Danielson made his AEW debut in September 2021, after his contract with his old company expired. Following his arrival in the federation, Danielson fought against Kenny Omega in a match that ended in a draw for reaching the maximum time limit.

Then he played another match that ended in a draw with Adam Page. In the second match with the AEW world champion, Danielson saw his first and, to date, only defeat in the federation.

Bryan Danielson: "I doubted coming to AEW"

In a recent episode of Throwing Down with Renee and Miesha, the American Dragon reflected on his transition from WWE to AEW by highlighting the good work done by Tony Khan: “ I think AEW did a really good job.

So much so that even though I was very happy with where I worked before, I still chose to come to AEW. I think that says a lot about the product they are already rolling out. They are trying to create wrestling heaven. It's as if wrestling could be what I imagined it would be.

I think in AEW we have a large amount of good and different athletes. We have so many different wrestling styles and characters. You know, you walk in and it's like a mix of all these things here. I think it's a lot of fun." Danielson went on to explain that he joined AEW because he wanted to prove himself, even though he wasn't sure he could face the best in the company at first: "There wasn't a specific moment.

There was the fact that in the end, I had to make a choice. To be honest, several options would have been really fun. You know what I mean? I was watching, you know, we only have this life, so I wanted to explore, I wanted to test my limits.

I think looking at the AEW, I got a little scared. In the sense, I said to myself, 'Could I ever compete and do things like these guys who are already there?'" On some dangerous moves in AEW, after seeing Cody Rhodes perform a top-notch Frankensteiner on Penta, Bryan Danielson revealed: "The pace is very fast.

The action is incredible. There are always reckless moves. I was actually looking at something that really disheartened me and made me think about not going to AEW. Suddenly I saw Cody, with whom I also traveled in WWE, do a Frankensteiner with the highest rope, where both were standing on the highest rope.

I was like 'Oh my God. Should I do such a thing?' I don't think I can do it, I'm 40. It was one of those things that scared me the most but also turned me on. There is something so beautiful about it. I wanted to live my life on the edge of what I thought I was able to do and what I know how to do." About young people in AEW, Bryan Daniel said, "These guys need to learn how to fight correctly.

That's the goal. The AEW is great, but it's not perfect. There's a bit of confusion. Jon and I don't fight with the same style, but we fight with the same seriousness. I think this is what we make available and teach the younger generations.

Take Sammy Guevara, who has a youtube channel and makes videos. I don't even understand what he does yet. He tried to get me to take part in a video of him and I said: 'Okay, whatever you want, mate' He focuses so much on all of these things, instead of focusing on fighting like me and Jon do”.

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