Bobby Lashley: "The WWE title is more than just a belt"

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Bobby Lashley: "The WWE title is more than just a belt"

Bobby Lashley considers the WWE belt "much more than a belt" and his first title win "much more than a win" The All Mighty has been on the WWE circuit for nearly 20 years, through ups and downs, between victories and layoffs, which however brought him many important victories, even of various titles.

Victories that then culminated in the victory of one of the two world titles of the Stamford federation, the WWE Championship.
The athlete currently injured spoke to Byron Saxton along with Big E and Kofi Kingston.

The words of Bobby Lashley

Many were the words spoken by Lashley, who wanted to make Byron and all the listeners understand how much it means for him to win the WWE belt and consequently to be champion of a federation as noble as the one just mentioned.

"The most beautiful thing I remember of that moment are the many peers who told me that I deserved everything, that they were happy for me.

Thinking about those words and what I was experiencing, I was unable to sleep for two days, getting into bed with that belt, holding it in my arms the whole time. The only thing I repeated to myself is that that belt meant a lot more, that was more than a belt.

There was much, much more. Also, I got compliments from people I haven't heard for years, like my uncle from Panama asking me to take a picture with the flag, since everyone was really happy for me at that very moment."

We remind you that Bobby Lashley managed to win the title by beating The Miz, who shortly before had managed to collect his MITB Contract against Drew Mcintyre, at the end of a very good reign, much the one then carried out by Lashley himself.

Recently, Lashley suffered an injury at the Elimination Chamber in February and this has forced WWE to momentarily halt its plans concerning its champion.

Bobby Lashley