WrestleMania 38: Will a major title disappear from WWE after the PPV?

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WrestleMania 38: Will a major title disappear from WWE after the PPV?

During the Elimination Chamber live broadcast a few days ago, with the last WWE PPV that aired from Saudi Arabia, Brock Lesnar won his umpteenth titled match inside the men's Elimination Chamber, with the dispute that closed the WWE paid event, with such a twist.

Almost as if it were a spoiler, a few weeks earlier, Lesnar himself had predicted how at Wrestlemania 38 there would be a champion vs champion match, against Friday Night Smackdown Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, with the winner of the Royal Rumble of 2022, who had chosen the Tribal Chief as his opponent at the Showcase of the Immortals.

After the victory in the Arabian PPV, therefore, Lesnar confirmed and formalized that this contest will in effect be a Champion vs Champion match, with WWE finally formalizing the fact that this contest will be a WINNER TAKE ALL match and therefore the champion who emerges as the winner of the match will take home both world belts on the main roster.

Will Wrestlemania 38 Match Unify WWE World Titles?

However, in the last few hours, WWE seems to have changed the wording in its sponsorships for Wrestlemania 38, making it clear to fans and insiders that after the Showcase of the Immortals, there could only be a world heavyweight champion belt in the federation.

If until a few hours ago the WINNER TAKE ALL was advertised as a simple "Winner Take all match" and therefore that the winner takes both belts with the victory, now WWE's now advertising the match as a "Winner Take All Unification match" and thus a match that unifies of the world titles.

This was also confirmed via a tweet from Wrestling News: "#WWE has been advertising Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar as a Winner Take All match (winner gets both belts). They have changed this and now it's Winner Take All Unification Match (one champion, one belt)." At the moment, WWE has not yet formalized how after Wrestlemania 38 there will be only one world champion belt, with the unification of the titles that will bring a title out of the scene, as happened with the World Heavyweight Championship a few years ago, but at the moment the clues would seem to push the company towards that hypothesis.