Daniel Bryan back to talk about WWE: "That's why I like their creative process"

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Daniel Bryan back to talk about WWE: "That's why I like their creative process"

One of the most sensational names who have started to tread the rings of the Khan family in the last year and that has given AEW fans, as well as those of the WWE a sensational emotion, appearing after years in a ring other than that of the WWE, it was Daniel Bryan, who has now obviously returned to be called Bryan Danielson, for the matter of the rights of the company's ring-name.

After years of winning and convincing fans in the Stamford-based company's rings, Bryan has thus decided to wait for the end of his contract, to join the AEW roster, with numerous other former WWE wrestlers who have decided to do so, like CM Punk, Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly and many more.

After having held various roles, such as the General Manager or the person in charge of the creative team of the company, Bryan preferred a change of scenery, while maintaining an excellent relationship with the company of Stamford, of which he has almost always spoken well, even from the circles of the All Elite Wrestling.

Daniel Bryan compliments WWE's creative process

In his latest interview with the microphones of The Masked Man Show, the former WWE Champion also wanted to speak very highly of the creative team and therefore the writers of the McMahon-owned company, saying:

"In a strange way, I was pleased with the concept of limitations.

Some people like the idea of, for example, we don't have writers to say in Aew. On the other hand, I enjoyed working with writers," Daniel Bryan. "Not only to be an integral part of the WWE creative process but also when I had a promo, the writer and I worked together.

It was a partnership and a collaboration. I've always enjoyed collaborating more, so yeah, that's my point of view. I initially thought in wrestling, because I was really very shy, that I would just follow myself and stage any idea that would jump into my head.

But now that I'm older, one of the things I've found to be more fun about wrestling is the collaborative aspect, whoever your opponent you're going to fight against or maybe just, okay, I have to do this interview or this segment.

When I was the planet champion, my writer was Robert and he and I worked really well together. He introduced me to the work with a 'Hey, this is what the promo is about' Then I continued with 'What if we do this?' We came up with ideas with each other in an excellent way.

I found that when you work in collaboration with someone else, in a really close-knit way, you have a lot of fun."

Daniel Bryan