Kofi Kingston: "That's thanks to who I became a WWE Superstar"

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Kofi Kingston: "That's thanks to who I became a WWE Superstar"

In the last years of WWE, one of the stables that have repeatedly won several titles and awards at the tag team level, also arriving on two occasions at the WWE Championship, with two of the three members who have in fact become world champions in two temporal situations very far between them, it's New Day, a team made up of Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods.

The three black WWE athletes have in fact been staged as a trio for years, only to be separated by the company for wanting to single Big E, who thus had a stint alone with which he won the Intercontinental title. , then last year's Money in the Bank and finally the WWE Championship, beating Bobby Lashley.

After this champion stint that ended on Day One, with Brock Lesnar snatching the red show's top champion belt at E, WWE preferred to move the athlete back to Smackdown, filling the gap that had formed due to yet another injury to Xavier Woods, with Big E returning alongside tag team partner Kofi Kingston.

Kofi Kingston thanks R-Truth for discovering the WWE action

In his latest interview with Byron Saxton, for the Youtube channel of the same WWE, the former world champion of the company, who had snatched the title of a planetary champion from Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania on the success of Kofi-Mania, wanted to dedicate a few seconds to thank in his own way the one who pushed him years ago to take the field as a wrestler, or K-Kwik, old R-Truth gimmick in WWE.

In his speech, Kofi Kingston stated: "I liked to follow K-Kwik (R-Truth) years ago, like, man, I was like, 'I could do some of these moves' I think he was one of those catalysts. which led me to want to become a WWE Superstar only a few years later."

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