Seth Rollins will reach a major WWE milestone at Wrestlemania

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Seth Rollins will reach a major WWE milestone at Wrestlemania

In recent years, WWE has been staging numerous grand plans for some of its wrestlers, with numerous athletes having in fact achieved very important milestones, taking home, world records or going to destroy existing ones, such as Roman Reigns, current Universal Champion for over 500 days, who seems to have surpassed all existing records of holding that belt.

If Roman Reigns continues to write his name in the golden books of the company with his reign, his opponent for Wrestlemania, Brock Lesnar, current WWE Champion of Monday Night Raw, is no exception, with The Beast Incarnate continuing to claim victims and to do things never seen before in the WWE rings, such as winning a Royal Rumble in a few minutes, entering with the number 30, writing his name once again on the WWE records, after beating none other than The Undertaker in the 'now distant' edition of Wrestlemania number 30, at the end of the streak.

But now let's talk about Seth Rollins because with the next ppv he enters with a match, the former WWE Champion will reach a record never seen in his career, that of 100 matches in PPV. Currently, with Elimination Chamber, Seth Rollins has reached his number 99 presence in the WWE ppv, with his eventual and very probable presence in that of Wrestlemania 38, which will therefore mark the number 100 for him.

Seth Rollins is on course to hitting 100 PPV matches with WWE

That record, of course, is just a personal record, because there are other athletes who have more appearances than Rollins in the company's PPV, such as Randy Orton, with his being the WWE all-time record which has now reached 179 attendances.

Obviously, in this count, only the matches within the main card of a WWE PPV are included and in fact, all the presences in the kick-off are excluded, such as the one in the 2013 Money in the Bank pre-show. Although his presence is yet to be confirmed, it is very unlikely that Rollins will not take part in Wrestlemania in the main card of the event, so we already know how at Wrestlemania, Seth Rollins will beat Christian's record, who's still like him at 99 appearances, while instead approaching Jeff Hardy, stopped at 102, with the idea of ​​being able to one day beat Randy Orton, who has reached a figure never seen in WWE.

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