René Duprée: "That Time Vince McMahon Punished a Wrestler with a Chair on His Head"

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René Duprée: "That Time Vince McMahon Punished a Wrestler with a Chair on His Head"

Over the years, Vince McMahon's WWE has become the protagonist of some very particular segments, including some characters who gravitated to the federation rings while there have been those, who have remained in the common imagination for a specific gimmick, a ring attire or some feature that is hardly seen on the world pro-wrestling rings.

One of these characters who certainly remained in the minds of all the fans of the WWE Universe who at the time were already following the company of McMahons, is Zach Gowen, a wrestler who staged the Friday Night Smackdown ring feud against none other than Brock Lesnar, current WWE Champion, who literally slaughtered him in every way, to the sound of sitting or F-5 on the stakes of the ring, not to mention pushing from the top of a flight of stairs, while Gowen was in a wheelchair.

René Duprée remembers the attack on Zach Gowen

In his latest episode of the Cafe de Rene, the former WWE Canadian-born athlete, René Duprée, wanted to tell an anecdote that apparently hasn't found much confirmation within the circles of the company, but which seems to have been told by a company insider from a few years ago.

After having breached one of the restrictions ordered by Vince McMahon, with the backstage being a place where smoking was prohibited, the young boy feuding with Lesnar is said to have been punished by the Chairman, who's said to have ordered an exemplary punishment for him.

To the microphones of his broadcast, Duprée said: "Believe it or not what you hear, but what I hear is because he was caught smoking cigarettes backstage, right? If you know how it worked backstage of Wwf, during the shows, Vince had made signs that said 'no smoking' for all the venues.

The only two people allowed to smoke were Blackjack Lanza and Pat Patterson. Everyone else was forbidden. Anyway, anyway, remember this segment where Brock smashed Gowen's f****** head with a steel chair in front of his mother? Well, that was the punishment Vince gave the boy."

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