Does WWE still have plans for Elias after he leaves the scene?

So what happened to Elias and does his future look like?

by J. Anderson
Does WWE still have plans for Elias after he leaves the scene?

One of the most successful characters with the WWE Universe in recent years, certainly for his irreverent way of doing the heel, with the character he took to the WWE rings receiving a lot of heat from fans of the company, is the Drifter: Elias.

In recent months, however, Elias has completely disappeared from circulation, with the athlete being last spotted in a pre-recorded segment on Monday Night Raw, where he went to burn his beloved guitar on a bonfire, for then announce how old Elias was literally dead, in view of a drastic change of gimmick, which never arrived on TV.
Apparently, WWE had plans to bring to the stage a completely different Elias, from his ring attire to his gimmick, probably also introducing new entry music and new storylines, but something must have gone wrong because Elias was no longer a trace on either the Monday Night Raw TV screens or the Friday Night Smackdown ones.

So what happened to Elias?

Apparently, quite disarming news emerges about the situation of the WWE Drifter, with Ringside News reporting from overseas that the athlete is still waiting for the new WWE management plans for him, but they seem to be gone.

The creative team of the company would have in fact discarded the only plan that was ready for him and Elias never returned to the scene, because no new ones were made for him. Interviewed by the reporters of the site, an insider wanted to state how Elias would have ended up in a "creative purgatory", with the following sentence: "At the moment, his name never appears in the WWE projects.

I don't even remember the last time he came out in the creative team's speeches. It's really a long time." At this point, it is hoped that some new ideas for a personality will soon arrive for Elias, otherwise his destiny, like that of many other colleagues, already seems destined to continue in other places and on other rings of other federations.