WWE is investing heavily in Big E's merchandise

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WWE is investing heavily in Big E's merchandise

Over the years, WWE has managed to monetize with anything and everything, with numerous characters who have climbed first one and then the other, on the bandwagon of WWE's top sellers. From John Cena to Hulk Hogan, to Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan, all of these big names in WWE have managed to sell millions and millions of dollars worth of WWE merchandise with t-shirts, caps, cuffs and socks that WWE Universe fans have wanted to give or treat themselves, just to support their favorite Superstars in the best possible way.

One of the last great WWE sellers who, however, has left the scene in a truly sensational way, is Bray Wyatt, a former WWE talent who brought the character of The Fiend to the stage, with the company that had staked so much on his character, that he also created a custom Universal belt, which is listed for several thousand dollars on the official WWE Shop.

After becoming the wrestler with the most sales to his credit on the WWE Shop, the athlete was, however, fired on the spot, due to the numerous problems that existed internally between him and the management of the company.

Apparently, lately, the WWE has been focusing heavily on the New Day, in terms of merchandise sales, with the trio of black athletes that have been selling very well for years now. After a momentous Monday night, WWE Champion Big E was contacted by the WWE Hall of Famer Edge.

The legendary star congratulated the Powerhouse of Positivity on the win and shared some heartfelt words.

Latest update on Big E

As you will surely have seen from one of Big E's latest entries on the Friday Night Smackdown rings, the former WWE Champion showed up riding a red quad, in full "Stone Cold" Steve Austin style, as usual.

do the WWE Rattlesnake years ago. Apparently, such an entry doesn't seem to have anything to do with the WWE Hall of Famer, but is said to be a strategy staged by WWE to begin selling Mattel's new series of the company's Superstar action figures.

In the latest daily updates, the Fightful Select podcast reported: "One of the reasons Big E was on a quad bike at Smackdown was to promote the new WWE and Mattel games, which just went on sale." After a partnership that lasted over 10 years, between the important company that creates action figures for the whole world and the number one pro-wrestling company in the world, we, therefore, learn that numerous new products will arrive, including a Big E on the quad bikes, which you can buy in the best toy stores.

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