Carmella is not happy with her status

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Carmella is not happy with her status

Unfortunately, the situation of the female tag team category in WWE is not the best, with a clear lack of couples who can go to bother the two current champions, to take away the titles. In fact, Carmella and Queen Zelina, who managed to become champions by defeating the former tag team formed by Rhea Ripley and Nikki ASH, have been standing for a few weeks now, without the possibility of challenging anyone, at least in pairs, even if it seems that now is a new tag team has been formed that wants those belts.

During the latest episode of WWE After the Bell, the company's official podcast hosted by her boyfriend Corey Graves, Carmella joined up to talk a little about the reality show that involves the couple and which will be released today, but she also talked about those.

which are his wishes for Wrestlemania 38.

Backstage news on Carmella

Carmella said: "They are half of the Tag Team Champions, even though we haven't done much lately. I have no idea what's next for the Tag Team Champions, I'd really like to have a Wrestlemania moment.

I've never had any. one in my entire career and I've been here since 2016. It can be said that I won Wrestlemania Women's Battle Royal and it was great, but I'm talking about the fact that… I just want a moment. I want a big story, I want a title match at Wrestlemania, I've never had it in my career and I want it.

I think some people might say I had my moment in my career, I won the Money in the Bank, cashed on Charlotte Flair, but why is that the only thing I have to be known for? I am much more and I want to be much more than that, and I think it is right to want more." We just have to wait and see if WWE will make Carmella's wish come true by sending her together with Queen Zelina to the Showcase of the Immortals for the defense of their couple titles.

R-Truth recently spoke with Nick Hausman about his past alliance with Carmella. The WWE veteran also teased a reunion with Mella somewhere down the line. “It’s good. I’m happy for her to get to shine and do her thing.

A lot of people don’t get to see her work, but Carmella is very smart. She knows the wrestling business. A lot of stuff we were doing she would throw in her stuff. She would help us put stuff together. So she’s very, very knowledgeable about the business.

Ring awareness, entertaining, timing, she’s very good at what she does. She’s on RAW, right? So, you never know what may happen. You may see a reunion,” said Truth about Carmella.

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