Why did Xia Li come to the main roster so late?

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Why did Xia Li come to the main roster so late?

In recent months, NXT has lost several big names from its rings, starting with Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly, athletes who all ended up in the All Elite Wrestling rings, some because they were fired from the WWE and those for waiting for the end of his contract and also coming to Johnny Gargano, for example, who would have waited for the end of his agreement with the McMahons to release himself from the contract, but to stay at home, for the birth of his first child.

At the moment, in fact, Gargano is one of the few who has not yet returned to fight on any famous ring in the USA, with also several names on the main roster, such as Keith Lee, who after a few months have finally landed on the AEW rings.

In addition to the wrestlers who have literally abandoned WWE, there are several who instead made the "big leap" internally with the company and then moved from the NXT roster to those on the main roster, such as Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair, Xia Li or Damian Priest, with the NXT roster that has remained uncovered by many top names and with the WWE having had to include numerous new Superstars within it.

Current WWE Superstar Xia Li's main roster debut was considerably delayed, and new reports seem to reveal the reason.

Xia Li signed with World Wrestling Entertainment in 2017

Li signed with World Wrestling Entertainment in 2017 and has spent the majority of her time with WWE competing on their NXT brand, most prominently during their black-and-gold era.

The Chinese WWE athlete, who had been advertised for weeks in the cartoons that the company aired in the weekly episodes of the blue show, was in fact scheduled to land on the Friday night show for some time, but she has been there the formalization of the switch to Smackdown only recently.

Why did WWE take so long to debut at Smackdown? The well-known overseas podcast, the Fightful Select, thought of answering this question with the journalists of the well-known site, who in fact reported that the debut was so delayed over time, due to problems of the creative team.

After the decision to move the Chinese athlete to the main roster, in fact, the booking team would have remained motionless, not finding any plans for the athlete in which to insert her. Even now that Xia Li is an integral part of Smackdown, we see that the plans for her are only momentary and there are no major feuds in sight for her to increase her character and build him on the main roster.