*Spoiler* Finn Balor won an epic match on Raw


*Spoiler* Finn Balor won an epic match on Raw

In the latest episodes of the weekly tapings of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, WWE is also focusing heavily on its secondary titles, handing these belts to fairly important characters on the company's red and blue roster.

If shortly before Elimination Chamber the WWE wanted the Intercontinental title to go to Sami Zayn, this Monday it was instead the turn of the United States title, which changed owners, on the first attempt of former NXT Champion Finn Balor.

It was already last week that the WWE Demon had launched his challenge to the former NXT archer, with tonight's episode that saw the change of champion, with Balor thus managing to get his hands on an important title of the company of the McMahons, after his reign as NXT Champion on the third roster of the federation.

Raw: Finn Balor won

What Finn Balor and the WWE Universe fans did not expect, however, or rather maybe they also expected it, but not with so much violence, was the turn heel arrived at the end of the titled match, when a jubilant Finn Balor came face to face with the former titleholder, with Priest looking like he wanted to congratulate him and instead brutally attacked him.

After the end of the contest, in fact, Damian Priest first hit Finn Balor in the head, then continued hitting the Irishman on the ground and finally throwing him with a Crucifix against the commentators' table, making the new start in the worst way reign of the former WWE Universal Champion.

It seems that WWE wanted to start yet another feud for Wrestlemania 38, with the two most likely going to compete once again for the US title at the Showcase of the Immortals, with Stamford's company looking to bring more stars.

power possible in the two cards of the most anticipated event of the year. This week's WWE RAW saw Damian Priest put his United States Championship on the line against Finn Balor in an epic match. Both superstars were at their absolute best, but the latter needed this win a little more tonight.

He pushed Priest to his limits, which earned him immense support from the crowd. Both superstars put on incredible offenses on display, but in the end, it was The Prince who beat Priest.

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