WWE adds three more matches to WrestleMania 38

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WWE adds three more matches to WrestleMania 38

WWE is adding pieces to the biggest puzzle called WrestleMania 38 because from week to week we can read on social media and on the website the various communications of the matches that will make up the card of the two most electrifying nights of wrestling.

Two couple matches were announced last night on Raw: one titled and one normal couple. As for the normal couple, the protagonists will be father and son, the Mysterios and The Miz and the YouTuber, Logan Paul, with the match that will take place on Wrestlemania Saturday, therefore in my evening.

New details on WrestleMania 38

WWE has interesting plans in store following Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns' epic title unification showdown at WrestleMania 38. At WrestleMania 38, WWE Champion Brock Lesnar will take on Universal Champion Roman Reigns in a "Winner Take All" match, with both titles being unified after the bout.

The general consensus among the WWE Universe is that the title unification will result in the end of the brand split. The other match announced instead is a match titled for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship, between the current champions, then Carmella and Queen Zelina and the tag team composed of Sasha Banks and Naomi born during the last episode of SmackDown, where the two have officially launched the challenge.

The company's website reads: “At Wrestlemania, Queen Zelina and Carmella will attempt to maintain their Women’s Tag Team Championship against Sasha Banks & Naomi. On February 25, in the Friday Night SmackDown edition, Sasha Banks made an explosive return to the blue mark when she defeated the rebel Shotzi with Naomi sitting watching the comment.

After the match, Naomi stunned the WWE Universe when she stepped into the ring and declared that she and Banks will be the next Women 's Tag Team Champions!" Meanwhile, in the same episode, Edge has chosen his challenger for the Showcase of the Immortals, or AJ Styles, to the delight of the WWE Universe, with the company writing on its website: "Two of the most influential and successful WWE Superstars are they will clash at The Grandest Stage of Them All with Edge and AJ Styles facing off in a potential show-stealing match at WrestleMania 38." For now, however, WWE has not yet confirmed where these last two matches will be placed in the card, unlike the other matches they have already announced, so we have to wait and see if the announcement will then be made on social media, as happened recently, or in one of the episodes that await us.