Sabu’s Twitter Account Gets Suspended


Sabu’s Twitter Account Gets Suspended

Most wrestlers who perform well on TV usually get very famous! Famous people often get into trouble when they say something controversial on social media. The latest trend is that nobody should offend anyone. Anybody caught offending someone using a racial slur or hateful word gets their account suspended.

The big social media companies stay vigilant and are quick to suspend people that use hate speech. Sabu is a well-known wrestler! He even had a run with the WWE and wrestled John Cena! Sabu has an impressive physique and is known for using power moves.

Currently he is signed with Impact Wrestling, but he was ECW’s biggest stars. He got his Twitter account suspended recently due to on-going hateful conduct. His account has been disabled from public viewing now! A complaint was filed against him by an individual.

The individual described his language as homophobic language. That individual insisted that Sabu was not jesting and he even complaint against his use of the f-word. Sabu will be making a main event appearance at United We Stand.

He will team up with Rob Van Dam to take on The Impact World Tag Team Champions The Lucha Bros. (Rey Fenix & Pentagon Jr). Fans can tune in on Twitch on April 4th to watch United We Stand Live. The Lucha Bros will also most likely wrestle for All Elite Wrestling in the near future.