What's next for Edge and Lita?

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What's next for Edge and Lita?

Last night it was posted on WWE's YouTube channel, a brand new reality show that involves Raw commentator Corey Graves and his girlfriend Carmella, in a series of adventures in their daily life as a couple. If until now we have only known them for what we see in the weekly episodes, where they actually play characters, now we can know something more of them as people in real life.

The trailer for the series showed the couple being very open about their life under the sheets and now Carmella has also told Bleacher Report that she wouldn't mind bringing this aspect of their relationship into the WWE product.

Perhaps the most controversial WWE storyline of the mid-200s was the romance between Edge and Lita. It led to a firing, a controversial feud, and a lot of discomfort behind the scenes. When Edge and Lita began their relationship/affair, it was a secret.

Not only was Edge married, but Lita was also dating Matt Hardy in real life.

The latest news on Edge and Lita

When asked if they would like to have their relationship as part of the WWE storylines, which a little bit already happens when Corey does nothing but praise the woman at every entrance while he's at the comment table, Carmella said she would be open to recreating the famous Live S*x Celebration which took place in January 2006 in the Stamford-based company, between Edge and Lita: "I mean, there are some things I can think of that I would like to do on TV, maybe like recreating the scene between Edge and Lita." With boyfriend Corey Graves adding, "If it comes to this, great.

It's not something we're actively fighting for, but I think, I mean, for me, the best storylines in sports entertainment throughout history have been based. In reality. Think like Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth, but we're in a different situation where I'm a commentator, not an active wrestler.

She's an active wrestler, so it's a different scenario than having two in-ring athletes or any other which may be so, but I think if the opportunity presents itself, we would both be more than happy to take advantage of it because I think we can both provide entertainment.

Let's be honest, who's easier to hate now than Corey Graves and Carmella?" We obviously remember that it will be difficult to see such a thing on WWE televisions currently, since the product is now reserved for families, but in life, you never know.