Spoiler: Cain Velasquez was arrested

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Spoiler: Cain Velasquez was arrested

Over the past few years, we've seen numerous athletes who have little or nothing to do with wrestling enter the company's rings, from NBA athletes to boxing athletes to MMA fighters. Two of the latter, have even signed two contracts for the company, namely Ronda Rousey and Cain Velasquez, respectively former world champions of their respective weight categories for the UFC, the world's largest mixed martial arts company, with fighters who have caused quite an uproar going to work for the McMahon-owned company and not for another MMA company.

If the path of Ronda Rousey is still alive and continues in the WWE rings, after her sensational victory in the women's Royal Rumble, that of Velasquez has now been interrupted several months ago, with the fighter who after only a few appearances and a match in Saudi Arabia against Brock Lesnar was fired in one of the many waves due to the covid pandemic.

Cain Velasquez is arrested

Apparently, in the last few hours, the news has emerged that after a shooting between two men for unknown reasons, one of them ended up in the hospital and the other was arrested by the police.

The arrested suspect would be none other than Cain Velasquez, with Dave Meltzer attempting to piece together the story in his latest updates to the Wrestling Observer, with the well-known reporter saying: "Yes, this afternoon ...

It was between Monterey Highway and Bailey Avenue, not too far from AKA Gym practically on the street where Cain lives. There was a shooting and two people were involved; one of them is in hospital and the other in prison. The one in prison is Cain Velasquez.

So this tells us that he was most likely the shooter. I mean, as far as I'm concerned, nothing else is known about the thing except that he's being held without bail. The personal details of the other person involved are not even known.

The police have been very shy about it. I heard the news thanks to one of my friends who works for the police office there, who contacted me just before Raw, but I didn't know anything about it until Raw finished. He only could tell me that there was a shooting on Monterey Highway and Cain Velasquez was involved.

And they think Cain was one of those who shot, that's the only detail we really know at the moment, we don't know much more." Cain Velasquez might be known to wrestling fans for being squashed by Brock Lesnar, but for those who know the UFC, he is one of the greatest heavyweights in Mixed-Martial Arts.