RAW: Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins showed perfect chemistry

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RAW: Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins showed perfect chemistry

The episode opens with the entry of Kevin Owens who, complete with a Cowboy hat (to make fun of the WWE Universe), immediately takes the floor and announces the entry of his best friend and his tag team partner Seth Rollins.

The Canadian, in his KO Show, announces Raw Tag Team Champions The Alpha Academy as guests of the evening. As always, jokes are exchanged between the two teams, direct attacks on RK-Bro but the most interesting thing is the obsession that Owens & Rollins have for having a place on the WrestleMania card, so much so that the two claim to be sure that next week they will win the couple titles.

Obviously, Gable and Otis are not at all happy with this, the former Olympian goes face to face with Owens who hits him with a Stunner.

Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins won

Kevin Owens hosted the latest edition of “The Kevin Owens” Show on WWE RAW.

He brought out Seth Rollins and proclaimed that they would win the RAW Tag Team Championships this week. Otis and Chad Gable came out as their guests for the night. Some usual to and fro ended with KO hitting Gable with a Stunner to lead into a tag team match.

ALPHA ACADEMY VS OWENS & ROLLINS As a small preview of what we will see in the next episode of RAW, a tag team is announced among the four already present in the ring. To win the match are Owens & Rollins after having performed first a Stunner and then the Curb Stomp against Chad Gable.

WINNERS: OWENS & ROLLINS Meanwhile, Omos is reviewed on RAW who is being interviewed before the match with T-Bar and states that, after dominating various fighters such as AJ Styles, New Day, he will continue to dominate against any opponent.

OMOS VS T-BAR 40 seconds of the match, what do you think he could have ever won? WINNER: OMOS. The former NXT Champion’s finisher is the same as that of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Furthermore, Owens has been constantly taking shots at Texas, which might result in Austin coming out to face him.

Kevin Owens’ current run on the WWE Raw brand is with Seth “Freaking” Rollins. The duo has started teaming up for the past few weeks, and their partnership has entertained the WWE Universe. Kevin Owens is only a step away from calling Stone Cold Steve Austin because, till now, he has only talked about Austin’s birth state.

But, other than taking the WWE Hall of Famer’s actual name, he has done his part of the play to tease the fans.