*Spoiler* Riddle and Randy Orton put on a show

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*Spoiler* Riddle and Randy Orton put on a show

ROBERT ROODE VS TOMMASO CIAMPA After the women's match, we find a male 1vs1 that sees Robert Roode challenge Tommaso Ciampa. Despite the threat from Dolph Ziggler at ringside, Ciampa is not very distracted and dominates the match for a long time.

The match ends with a winning roll up from the former NXT Champion. After the match is over, Ziggler and Roode attack Ciampa from behind and The Show Off states that in the next installment of NXT he and NXT Champion Bron Breakker will have no chance with the two-time Tag Team Champions.

WINNER: TOMMASO CIAMPA REGGIE & DANA BROOKE VS TOZAWA & TAMINA Once upon a time, the 24/7 Title was fun, not least because R-Truth gave it a show, even if not everyone liked it. Then, The Street Profits faced Riddle and Randy Orton in a tag team match on WWE RAW.

Riddle and Angelo Dawkins kicked off the contest, and the latter dominated the action early. Montez Ford joined him in the ring for some double-team maneuvers as the former champions isolated The Bro.

The Street Profits faced Riddle and Randy Orton

Riddle countered and caught Ford in a submission hold.

He tagged Randy Orton in who stomped on Ford’s limps and delivered a few signature moves. The two teams continued to counter each other’s best moves and kept the action ticking. Orton came in again to take down Ford with a clothesline and followed it with a rope-hung DDT.

At the end of the match, Dana Brooke kisses Reggie and Tamina does the same with Tozawa. Every man for himself… WINNERS: REGGIE & DANA BROOKE THE MYSTERIOS VS THE HURT BUSINESS The former SmackDown Tag Team Champions get into the ring but, before starting the match, they send a message to The Miz and Logan Paul in view of their match at the "Showcase of the Immortals." Obviously, Miz responds present and sends all the provocations back to the sender, bringing out a series of beautiful and positive things that he has managed to achieve in his private life and in his career as a wrestler.

After a long monologue by Miz, the match finally begins that has attracted the public until the finale when, all of a sudden, The Awesome One arrives and distracts Dominik. When he walks away, he is chased by Rey but Dominik, who watches the scene with his back to his opponent, is pinned by Shelton Benjamin by surprise. WINNERS: THE HURT BUSINESS.