*Spoiler* AJ Styles was destroyed

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*Spoiler* AJ Styles was destroyed

RK-BRO VS THE STREET PROFITS Yet another Tag Team Match of the evening (fifth and last) that sees RK-Bro challenge The Street Profits. Next Monday, The Viper and The Original Bro will challenge The Alpha Academy and Owens & Rollins for the RAW Tag Team Titles.

These two teams are fantastic in the ring and deserve to be both in the title lap. Match that made the public very active and that makes it clear how both teams are equally loved by the WWE Universe. The match, meanwhile, ends in a very strange way: Frog Splash by Montez Ford which, in my opinion, hit Orton badly who was affected by it but went on (as a great professional that he is).

AJ Styles walked out to the ring with a thunderous ovation. The Phenomenal One interacted with the crowd before coming face-to-face with The Rated-R Superstar.

AJ Styles wasted little time

AJ Styles wasted little time in accepting Edge’s challenge for WrestleMania.

The Ultimate Opportunist said he wanted Styles to bring his best to the big match and not come out as Omos’ ex-partner. Edge faked a handshake and threw a punch at Styles. The Phenomenal One tried to counter him, but the Hall of Famer had the last laugh.

Edge delivered a low blow, and his violent tendencies came out. The Viper rolls towards the corner to put his foot on the rope but, failing to do so, Angelo Dawkins intervenes who pushes away the opponent's foot, despite not getting there.

After the end of the match, the same Ford, albeit distant, looked at the conditions of Orton who seemed really sore and even the referee himself tried to give explanations to both teams. Despite the concern, Randy eventually got to his feet.

We will know more in the next few hours. WINNERS: THE STREET PROFITS. Abyss or Joseph Park, now going by the name of Mr. Park, appeared as Styles’ statistician. They put on a covered whiteboard with the names. Surprisingly, the whiteboard had only the champ’s name because no one is able enough to defeat him.

However, another TNA alum decided to join the party. Jeff Hardy came down to the ring and said that Sheamus robbed his title shot, but he is willing to let that go. Hardy then asked Styles “man to man” for a shot at the Championship. Coincidentally, the Intercontinental Championship was the first singles title won by Jeff back in 2001.