*Spoiler* Damian Priest completed his turn heel

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*Spoiler* Damian Priest completed his turn heel

UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: DAMIAN PRIEST VS FINN BALOR So we come to the last match of the evening that sees the US Title up for grabs. Balor immediately sets out and immediately tries to put Priest in difficulty but the latter immediately frees himself from the grip of his opponent.

The reigning champion tries to subdue the two-time Intercontinental Champion not without some difficulty. The end seems to have come for Balor but the former Universal Champion reacts, knocks Priest out and ends the match with the Coup of Grace.

Damian Priest has gone mad

Damian Priest wanted some world championship level competition to defend his United States Championship on WWE RAW. Finn Balor answered his challenge, and the two men got down to business this week.

The match kicked off with some basic moves before Priest used his strength to ground the high-flyer. The Prince broke free and stomped down on the US Champion before the referee forced him to back off. AND NEEEEEEEEEEEEW UNITED STATES CHAMPION… FINN BALOR !!!

After the end of the match, Priest verbally attacks both Balor and the WWE Universe and finally hits Balor as well, thus passing between the Heel of the Stanford company. WINNER: FINN BALOR AS NEW US CHAMPION. Balor picked up the win after hitting Coup de Grace to end Damian Priest's 191-day reign as Champion.

After the match, a furious Priest attacked the new Champion and crashed him onto the announce desk. It appears Damian Priest will want a rematch as soon as possible. In a comment on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed the truth behind Priest’s SmackDown debut and how the idea came up.

“They had decided this idea that we need to make stars on SmackDown…we need new babyface stars,” said Meltzer. “So it’s kind of like somebody asked who can be the next new babyface in NXT that can come on the main roster and the guy was Damian Priest.

In fact, they were going to do a tag match on the show Friday night and Damian Priest is there and ready and all that and Kevin Owens said essentially that it makes no sense for him to be my best friend. What do we have in common, why would he be my best friend, we can do it but why is he my best friend? So Roman Reigns agreed and since it’s Roman Reigns, it was nixed. I don’t know where Heyman stood on it but it was nixed,” said Meltzer.