*Spoiler* The 24/7 Championship doesn't convince the crowd

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*Spoiler* The 24/7 Championship doesn't convince the crowd

The MAIN EVENT of the evening does not see a match but a face to face. In fact, in the ring, we find Edge who, after asking for a match for "The Grandest Stage of Them All" in the last episode of RAW, waits for someone to answer his challenge.

Many fans were talking about Finn Balor, others instead of Cody Rhoades but in the end, for the luck and joy of many, AJ Styles shows up! The Phenomenal One accepts the challenge but Edge taunts him, stating that he doesn't want Omos' bitch but “Bulldog” Styles and finally hits him, hoping to get the reaction he wanted.

The 24/7 Championship is truly just a prop in what has become a romantic quadrilateral. While Dana Brooke and Reggie continue to tease a romance with their kisses on RAW, Tamina made a move on Akira Tozawa.

The 24/7 Championship is not convincing

It's a cheesy storyline that has some entertainment value, but it adds nothing to the show.

The 24/7 Championship may have run its course and it's simply not the same without R-Truth looming around. Styles obviously isn't there and reacts but, in the end, Edge hits him in the noble parts. Not only that, The Rated R Superstar inflicts additional blows (especially to Styles' head) using the chairs.

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This week, The Phenomenal AJ Styles made his presence felt in Columbus by accepting Edge's challenge and punching his ticket to the Show of Shows. Edge declared that he wanted the real Styles and not the one who became a side act alongside Omos last year.