Latest news on Randy Orton


Latest news on Randy Orton

Recently, it came to light that Randy Orton looked like he might have been injured in his match that aired in the last episode of Monday Night Raw, with tag team partner of Matt Riddle, who seemed to have suffered an accidental blow by Montez Ford, during their feud.

During the tag team match between Street Profits and RK-Bro, Randy Orton suffered a Frog Splash from the third string by Montez Ford, with the backlash suffered by Orton which appeared to have caused some damage to a shoulder of the Legend Killer with the dispute that also ended prematurely, at the behest of the referee, who understood the gravity of the situation and therefore wanted to ascertain the physical health of the former WWE Champion, instead of finishing the match as expected.

So far, no official update would have been released by WWE or the athlete himself, but the colleague guilty of having (perhaps) accidentally injured Orton, has tried to calm the spirits and to reassure the fans of the WWE Universe, with a tweet.

Latest update on Randy Orton

Immediately after realizing that Randy Orton had been hurt, obviously, the colleague went to verify the conditions of the former WWE Champion, with Montez Ford also trying to make the fans of The Viper and other supporters of the company understand, that all the rumors concerning the athlete's health are just rumors without foundation.

With his latest tweet, in fact, it seems that Ford wanted to make it clear that Randy Orton is also fine and therefore we must not worry about his health, since "everyone is fine" after Monday night. Here is what the former WWE duo champion said: "I pinned a world champion.

Got the Donna. And everyone is fine. All in one night." In practice, with the phrase "And everyone is healthy", the fans, therefore, understood how even Randy Orton came out of his match despite being battered, also absolutely devoid of any type of serious injury, with his presence which therefore most likely will not be eliminated from the next event on Monday night, next week.

Speaking on his Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast, the 73-year-old mentioned his daughter and Orton when asked to name someone who could reach 17 World Championships: “I personally hope it’s Orton or Charlotte. She’s [on] 12 [titles]. She should be 13 but they took one back… I can’t remember why”.

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