Samoa Joe doesn't want to stop fighting

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Samoa Joe doesn't want to stop fighting

One of the many released by the McMahon-owned company in recent months, responds to the name of Samoa Joe, an athlete already released last year, who after only a few days from his dismissal had been hired by Triple H himself, with the COO who had wanted the Samoan at his side in NXT, both as a backstage official and as an athlete, with Samoa Joe having managed to get his hands on the NXT champion title again after years of his first victory.

After having to make the title vacant and having lost his powers backstage, Vince McMahon and associates preferred to go without Samoa Joe and several other insiders, such as William Regal, Road Dogg and several other officials who together with Triple H they had been running the show for some time, with the Chairman himself who wanted to recreate his personal environment in that of NXT, firing all the staff of his son-in-law.

Furthermore, in his last interview, Samoa Joe wanted to clarify to the fans why his title was vacant, when the Samoan was still champion of the third roster of the company, with such motivation that he obviously finds in Vince McMahon the main proponent of the thing.

as it was meant to prove.

What's next for Samoa Joe?

Samoa Joe has been part of the WWE RAW broadcast team for quite a while now due to an injury. While the details of the damage are unknown, he's been out long enough to create concern among the WWE Universe.

Luckily, that's not the case. In his latest speech to Busted Open Radio, the former NXT Champion revealed the reasons why he had to give up the NXT Champion belt during his last reign, saying: "I was excluded for COVID. It was over the weekend, my wife was cooking and I couldn't smell.

She said 'Wow, they don't smell like hell' So I tested positive on Saturday. Since then, Vince wanted to go in a different direction with NXT, because he wanted a new opening with NXT 2.0 with a big opening shot and I agreed with him.

I told him 'If that's what he wants, it's probably best for watching this new product' I went behind the scenes and started working with talent on a single basis, trying to push guys individually into gyms, working with them and making them focus on being hungry for knowledge and excited for this new opportunity.

It was something that invigorated me. When you work with younger talents who are hungry and want to be successful at a high level, they manage to increase your own spirit as well. I was carried away by this in a heavy way. Working with Matt Bloom on reviewing things, teaching techniques and evaluating what we were already doing and seeing if we could do it better. That was truly the end of my WWE occupation."