Backstage news on Austin Theory


Backstage news on Austin Theory

For several days we have been talking on the web about how the seventy-six-year-old Vince McMahon, Chairman of the world's number one pro-wrestling company, WWE, can return to fight yet another match of his career in the federation's rings, with the patron of the Stamford-based company who hasn't hit the square since his last match several years ago against Bret Hart, at Wrestlemania 26.

Precisely in this year's edition of the Grandaddy of Them All, great names have been rumored to return to the WWE rings after years, such as that of the WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, eternal rival of the Chairman, who has not fought an official match since the distant edition of the Showcase of the Immortals number 19.

Also for Texas Rattlesnake, there could be a huge return to the scene, after 19 years of inactivity, in a match probably against the Canadian who has also "stolen" his finisher in the last period: Kevin Owens. It seems WWE has discovered its new diamond in the rough, as it's increasingly clear that the company is high on Austin Theory.

New details on Austin Theory

Apparently, the appearance of Vince McMahon in that of Wrestlemania will only serve to insert Austin Theory in the match against Pat McAfee. Even if Vince doesn't fight at all, the company would still be able to get huge fan feedback, just for the name of the Chairman involved.

As stated by Dave Meltzer, in one of the latest updates of the Wrestling Observer, in fact: "Theory will have to intervene (in the interview), that's what they told me. I'm sure Austin Theory will do such a thing, the dirty work, which is the heavy work in the ring.

But, if they do Austin Theory vs Pat McAfee, there would be a zero value of etiquette on that match. I'm talking about the issue of advertising. The match could also be very good, just as it could not be. However, this is not the point.

The point is, we're talking about Wrestlemania and nobody gives a shit about Austin Theory and Pat McAfee. With Vince McMahon and Pat McAfee, people could probably ... I don't know. I don't know how intriguing a seventy-six year old wrestler can be, but obviously they think so because it's one of the biggest obstacles keeping Vince out of the match."

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