WWE's altered plans for Raw

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WWE's altered plans for Raw

During his tag team match alongside Matt Riddle on Monday Night Raw, against the couple formed by Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, Randy Orton seemed to have suffered a severe blow to the shoulder, so much so that Montez Ford's Frog Splash had worried all Legend Killer fans that he might have done more damage than expected, with Orton failing to complete his match as had been decided by management.

As you have seen from the video reported in our latest news on the subject, Ford, while executing his finisher, obviously accidentally hit Orton's shoulder and ribs, leaving the athlete in excruciating pain. Immediately after the blow, Orton was expected to put his foot on the ropes, to stop the count, but the referee preferred to end the contest there, evidently because he understood what had happened.

Apparently, the match of the red show would also have ended in a completely different way from what was predetermined by the booking team, with the experts who, however, had to call the end of the dispute, due to the worrying conditions of the former WWE Champion.

What happened on Raw?

According to what was revealed in the Fightful Select podcast, WWE seems to have changed the Raw tag team match in the running, due to the bad blow suffered by Orton. Regarding this matter, it's been reported: “We were told that Orton and Riddle were originally slated to win the match with a series of RKOs, but due to Orton's condition at the time, that didn't happen.

As we already mentioned in the review of the post-show last night, the initial indications were that it was a simple retouch or a slightly anticipated ending, instead, it seems to be a real drastic change decided in the evening at the moment.

From what we were told, there was a combo between Orton's condition being knocked out, with his ribs being crushed and unable to move. We were also told that there would be no heat against Montez Ford for the commercial, considering that these are things that can happen to anyone." Damian Priest has been the longest-reining United States Champion since Dean Ambrose (now Jon Moxley) held it for 351 days between 2012 and 2013.

It's certainly an impressive feat, and he might be one of the best United States Champions since John Cena in 2015.