Cain Velasquez is accused of attempted murder

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Cain Velasquez is accused of attempted murder

Former WWE wrestler and UFC world champion, Cain Velasquez was arrested recently for having become the protagonist of a shooting near his home, on Monterey Highway, with the former MMA fighter who allegedly apparently voluntarily shot a man, sending him to the hospital.

After a few hours from the facts, the police in the area had arrested the athlete for having become the protagonist of the shooting, with the latest updates that make the situation very serious for Cain, so much so that at the moment the wrestler remains in jail, without the possibility of paying not even a deposit.

At the moment the athlete risks being indicted even for attempted murder, with the first accusations that rained down on the fighter that are very heavy and the more the investigations go on, the more Cain seems to get worse.

In the last few hours, the very important American magazine TMZ also intervened, which wanted to bring updates on the story, trying to clarify as much as possible on what Velasquez risks and above all for what reason.

Cain Velasquez was last seen in a WWE ring on October 31, 2019

Through the pages of TMZ, we come to know the current situation of Cain Velasquez, with the journalists of the well-known gossip and news site who reported how Cain Velasquez was sued yesterday, on charges of attempted murder.

and 9 other very heavy charges. Santa Clara County DA Jeff Rosen also commented on the situation, saying: "The sad tragedy is that Mr. Velasquez was taken to prison, because he chose to make himself justice, with his own hands as him, endangering people present on the spot and all those present in the truck.

This act of violence also caused pain and suffering to his family." Cain Velasquez might be known to wrestling fans for being squashed by Brock Lesnar, but for those who know the UFC, he is one of the greatest heavyweights in Mixed-Martial Arts.

With a career record of 14-3-0, Velasquez has fought and defeated many of the sport's greats, including Junior Dos Santos and Antonio Silva. He even defeated Lesner in a first-round technical knockout to capture his first heavyweight title.