WWE formalizes two very important new grafts


WWE formalizes two very important new grafts

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE wanted to stage two really very strong segments, which led WWE Universe fans present in the arena where the show was airing to scream with clamor and surprise at the protagonists.

of the company's ring. In two different situations, in fact, there were two turn heels, with Damian Priest who, after losing his American title at the hands of Finn Balor, decided to take revenge on the former NXT demon, hitting him in the center of the ring and then throwing it with a Crucifix on the show commentator's table.

In the second big sensational event, which saw an apparent second turn heel, we instead saw AJ Styles accepting the challenge from the mouth of Edge, the company's Hall of Famer, with the Phenomenal One accepting the match for Wrestlemania 38 once.

against the Rated R Superstar, he found himself the victim of the sensational outburst of the Canadian, who also hit him with two seats at the Con-chair-to, a typical maneuver of the Edge of the 90s-2000s.

WWE has big plans

Apparently, if in the last few hours there was still some doubt from the fans of the WWE Universe or from the insiders close to the Stamford-based company on the two situations, in the last hours the well-known overseas site PW Insider, has wanted to clarify how WWE has already moved its two athletes to the heel of the roster.

After the two sensational turn heels on Monday Night Raw, therefore, Damian Priest and Edge would have been included among the "evil" Superstars of the company, with their roles that will be so well-identified at least until Wrestlemania.

If for Damian Priest this had been quite evident for weeks, for Edge instead it all came like a bolt from the blue in the last episode of Raw, with Edge who had not been a heel for quite some time and thus returns to make his fans dream, who have always supported and admired him in the form of The Ultimate Opportunist.

But with the three-year anniversary of their triple threat match with Becky Lynch right around the corner, Flair took to social media to share a very entertaining memory of the time she kneed Rousey in the skull in the back seat of a cop car. It's fair to say that The Baddest Woman on the Planet probably doesn't look fondly back on this memory.

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