Keith Lee comments on his farewell to WWE

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Keith Lee comments on his farewell to WWE

Appearing on "Talk Is Jericho" this week, Keith Lee talked about his farewell from WWE and what the preconditions were for his character 'The Bearcat' On his farewell from WWE, Keith Lee said: "I wish I had an answer for you but there isn't.

When I got back, I don't understand what happened. In my first match, I lost to Lashley. In the second match, I lost to Killer Kross. In the middle of the show, Vince dragged me into a room because he wanted to talk to me. In the middle of RAW, he tells me we had to review some things we were doing.

In that conversation, he basically said, 'Listen, I need that you do one thing in particular. I need you to be what I say.' I was like, 'Listen, I work for you. So if that's what you want, then that's what we're going to do obviously' but I'm not."

Backstage News on Keith Lee

On his reaction and his alleged fight with Vince McMahon, Keith Lee said, "I don't think I had any reaction to him. Obviously I hadn't thought about it that much at the time. Then when I got back, it was something they really wanted.

I know. what a job I do and I know this is my job so I said 'Ok' And then that's it. I didn't like the idea but at the end of the show you have to do what they tell you. During my time in WWE, that I learned is that loyalty doesn't help you that much.

I guess if someone asked me today to do something that I disagree with, the answer would not be 'Ok' but 'Absolutely not.' After the release I have to admit that I was not down in the dumps, on the contrary, I felt very good.

I was not sad because I had a very specific plan. I have always believed in myself, I knew that if I remained lucid I would have other opportunities and so it was." In a recent conversation with Hall of Famer Mark Henry on the Busted Open Radio show, The Limitless One spoke of how WWE did not like the cadences in his voice as well as the manner in which he delivered his promos.

“Listen, it’s something that Mark and I talked about years ago, maybe I think I was still in NXT at the time. He knows I am open to that. Especially since in that particular place, most people had an issue with the way that I speak and my demeanor in how I speak, and my cadence”.

Lee added; "I don’t know what it is about. Maybe my voice or maybe its vocal tone, whatever it may be, was a bit of an issue there."