Shane Throne Speaks About His WWE Run

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Shane Throne Speaks About His WWE Run

Shane Throne is a former WWE superstar and he was known as Slapjack inside the RETRIBUTION stable. He recently appeared on Andrew Thompson Interviews to talk about his WWE run. He spoke about his complete WWE experience. He stated that he wanted to branch out a little during his run.

“I look back at it with pretty fond memories [his run in NXT]. I try to forget all the negative stuff because once you get stuck on the negative, you just get dragged into the dark side. Things that I would have liked [to do was stick] to my guns a little bit more, especially knowing now how thriving the pro wrestling world is.

I’m like, damn, I really should’ve died on my sword more and been willing to, I don’t know, get fired over things”.

Shane Throne Speaks About his WWE Experience

“We were very — me and Mikey [Nicholls] made a career of ourselves before that by doing what the company wanted.

We’re company men, we’re good workers, we’re good hands. We did — you ask us to do something, we’ll go do that better than what you think can be done and in Australia and Japan, that got rewarded in the right ways.

I found that in NXT, they have ideas and you just go with it, and sometimes that can be a detriment because not all ideas are great ideas. “We had been proven in Japan that as ourselves, we were good and we were successful.

When you go there, they wanna have their hands on it a lot more. They want more control, which I’m like, you know what? A billion-dollar company, you gotta know what you’re doing, and so we let them. Some things I’m like, ‘Eh, I don’t know’ but I’m like, ‘Alright, we’ll do it.

I’ll trust what you’re saying first’ and then obviously, I’m not a multi-time world champion millionaire, so it didn’t quite work out that way. You know, I’m doing fine”. Shane Throne never made it to the main roster.

It is also a well-known fact that the WWE does not really allow their wrestlers to have any control over their characters. Most of their promos and scripted and very little creative control is given to most wrestlers. That is the reason why many wrestlers actually willingly choose to leave the WWE.