JBL makes an unexpected revelation

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JBL makes an unexpected revelation
JBL makes an unexpected revelation

One of the greatest heels in the recent history of WWE is certainly JBL, pseudonym of John "Bradshaw" Layfield, former WWE world champion, who became universally famous for having carried on a feud against the late Eddie Guerrero very long and very beautiful, with WWE Universe fans who both loved and hated this rivalry for the brutality that JBL managed to bring to the ring with his character.

After finishing his commitments as a fighter, JBL has also become a much-appreciated reporter by the fans of the company, with his contribution to the commentary table which did not last long, given some problems that have arisen with other colleagues, which eventually led to his estrangement from the company.

Despite everything, JBL is recognized globally as one of the most capable performers in the last two decades of WWE, with his name also ending up in the Hall of Fame of the Stamford-based company, in its 2020 induction class.

In his latest interviews, JBL also wanted to dwell on the current WWE wrestlers, going to praise one in particular, which according to the Hall of Famer reminds him a lot of him as a young man: Baron Corbin.

Backstage news on JBL

In his latest speech released to the microphones of Lucha Libre Online, JBL wanted to talk once again about Baron Corbin, who has now become Happy Corbin on the Friday Night Smackdown television screens.

Regarding the similarities between the two, JBL said: "I always thought Baron Corbin was a guy who reminded me of myself and I think Baron is seriously a very smart man. Baron wants to be a heel and very few people are like that.

I'm not sure if Randy Orton reminds me a little of me, but I think Randy is way better than me. But Randy is a guy who can do anything. There are very few in every generation who want to be heels. Piper told me the same thing, The H*t Rod did it.

And it's true, guys want to be, sometimes they want to be a cool heel, other times they want to be different types of heels, but to be a pure heel like JBL, there just aren't many people who want or have the skills to do it." Speaking on Talking Tough, the former WWE Champion admitted he can no longer compete physically with today's superstars.

However, he is willing to manage an up-and-coming star if the right opportunity comes along. “I doubt it [in-ring return], I don’t wanna get out there. If I thought I could help one of the young guys, yes, I’d do it.

If I could physically, I would do it. I don’t think physically I could do it. I would be happy to get out there and manage somebody or do something to help young talent. I love working with the young guys. I really enjoy trying to give them my philosophy of how to be… I know a lot more about how to be a bad guy than I do a good guy,” JBL said.


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