DDP pays tribute to Randy Orton

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DDP pays tribute to Randy Orton

Randy Orton is an incredibly popular figure on the WWE roster, having spent nearly two decades in the Stamford-based federation and garnering every possible recognition. During his career, the 'Legend Killer' has won the WWE Championship ten times, the heavyweight title four times and once each the Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship, World Tag Team Championship, Raw Tag Team Championship and the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, becoming the 10th wrestler in history to have completed the Grand Slam.

Orton also holds the record for most appearances in WWE pay-per-view events (at 177). In recent months, the 'Viper' has formed a bizarre partnership with Riddle, which has been welcomed by fans and insiders. During a long interview with 'Fightful', Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) praised Randy's extraordinary longevity that's spanned over a decade with the WWE, since he signed up with them in 2001.

DDP praises Randy Orton

"My thought is that Ric Flair is the greatest wrestler of all times, having remained at the top for a very long time" - debuted DDP. "I am observing with great curiosity the evolution of Randy Orton, whose career is not yet over.

It would surprise me if he didn't make it into the all-time Top 5 once he retired. He is still at the top at 41, having been the youngest world champion in WWE history. There are not many who can boast such longevity. I can think of Dusty Rhodes, Macho Man, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Roddy Piper and Shawn Michaels,” he added.

DDP also spent nice words for Edge: “Almost no one expected that Edge would return to WWE, given the many physical problems of him. They were all desperate when he announced his retirement a decade ago, as he was still very young.

He not only managed to get back into the ring, but he showed extraordinary resilience. I was amazed by the level he has expressed in these two years”.