Corey Graves reveals his biggest dream

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Corey Graves reveals his biggest dream

One of the many WWE protagonists who had to abandon his dreams in the company's ring due to a physical situation that prevented him from carrying out in-ring activities is Corey Graves, who's currently working as the reporter of the company for years.

His case was like the situations of Tyson Kidd, Paige and Jason Jordan, all of whom who encountered serious injuries that prevented them from continuing to fight, due to a cervical break, as in the case of Tyson Kidd or simply because of a concussion, which came after other similar events, which therefore compromised the health of these athletes.

Corey Graves had been ousted from the ring of the company due to these continuous concussions, which in the long run could also compromise the athlete's everyday life, as happened with other legends of the federation, after years of struggle on the ring, where they were not medically controlled as nowadays.

After years behind the WWE commentary table, however, in the last period, it seemed that Corey Graves had found a physical shape and an optimal state of health to return to fight, with his name that was already rumored for a sensational return to the Royal Rumble, but it didn't.

New details on Corey Graves

In his latest interview with 110.7 Star On-Demand, Corey Graves wanted to choose which of the current most important WWE Superstars he would like to see in front of him in a possible match at Wrestlemania 38, saying: "I would say, at the moment, Seth Rollins.

Rollins just because he's a guy I had great chemistry with, in the NXT rings. But he has nevertheless continued to improve and improve and improve and improve and is currently doing the best job of his career. And even though he's not currently the WWE Champion, what he wears every night with his character, with his ballet, it's all so hateful.

He manages to get under everyone's skin. I love what Rollins is doing at the moment. I would love to mix my work with his at least one more time." Booker T also feels that WWE would lose out on a fantastic commentator if Graves returns to the ring.

"I just think Corey is doing such a hell of a job as a commentator. Those types of guys, come few and far between. Guys like him who can command that position. You're doing that on a weekly basis and you have to do it somewhat different every time and Corey has mastered that.

If I was in a hiring position, I would not want to lose a Corey Graves just because he would be so hard to replace," said Booker T.