Nia Jax is criticized for some statements

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Nia Jax is criticized for some statements

The latest statement made by Nia Jax caused a real fuss, especially on Twitter, where fans posted screenshots of a couple of stories she posted on Instagram, one against the current president of the United States, Joe Biden, and the other on the fact that many people have made themselves heard in support of Ukraine, but not to rebel against the obligation of the mask for COVID: "All these sons of bitches who say 'I'm with the 'Ukraine' couldn't even fight for their personal right for two years because they were afraid to breathe."

Obviously, as a consequence of these Instagram stories, many fans and not only, have spent a few seconds emphasizing the absurdity of the concepts expressed by Nia and have decided to unfollow her. Together with them, however, also Bayley and Becky Lynch have stopped following the former colleague on social media, sending a clear message.

Nia Jax always goes her own way

It is not the first time that Nia Jax has made questionable statements on the topic of the virus that has affected the whole world, in fact, already at the time of the spread of the first doses of the vaccine, she had posted, also in her Instagram stories, that she didn't need it because Jesus would protect her.

Furthermore, in an interview with Renee Paquette, she admitted that she was not vaccinated and perhaps for this reason she lost her job in WWE: "I was choosing not to go and get the vaccine. And it was a personal choice, and I remember sitting with Vince because for the two years I've been there, they've been testing us every day.

I've never been positive, never got COVID all the time. And it was like, 'Well girl, you're not going to be able to fulfill some of your contractual duties.' And I was like, 'It's okay if that's the case then that's the case.'

It's a business and I understand you have to manage your business. But I made a decision for myself, and I remained in my position on it." A few hours before the above statements, Nia Jax also became the protagonist of another controversy, this time on Twitter.

In fact, a fan suggested that she return to WWE to win tag team titles with Doudrop and she wrote: “Lol no thanks! I get calls every day about how awful everyone feels there”.