Becky Lynch's physique is put to the test

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Becky Lynch's physique is put to the test

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw, we witnessed a Six-Woman Match that involved two teams of Becky Lynch, Doudrop and Nikki ASH, and Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan. During the contest, the current champion of Monday Night Raw, however, did not behave so well, going to annoy her opponent at Wrestlemania 38, beating them and pulling her hair, as happens very often with the long hair of the wife of Montez Ford, with Bianca who has been wearing a long braid that is part of her character for years now.

The EST braid in her career has always played a fundamental role, because it has often been useful to her in her moves and in what she proposed within the square, but has also often caused her some trouble with the opponents who take advantage of it to use it in their favor, tying her up or forcing her into a corner to beat her up.

Bianca Belair whipped Becky Lynch across the stomach

If already immediately after Monday Night Raw Becky Lynch had decided to show the signs of the lashes to the fans of the WWE Universe through the photos posted on her social networks, in the last hours a further update of the thing arrived, with Becky Lynch who wanted to show well five days later how the marks left by her opponent's hair are still very evident.

In two photos immortalized in the Rollins-Lynch house, including her husband and little Roux in tow, Becky wanted to show her belly by now deeply marked by lashes, with this photo: "5 days later. The family is furious.

Roux can't even watch." Also keeping her haughty and over the top character, Becky wanted to show the effects of her work almost a week after the event, with such marks that can remain on the skin of WWE wrestlers for weeks, as happened to Daniel Bryan and even to Becky's own husband, Seth Rollins, several times in their respective careers.

Of course, next time, Becky Lynch will think twice before playing with her opponent's tail in the WWE rings. She eventually walked out of the latest WWE Live Event with her championship and sent a huge warning to her WrestleMania opponent Bianca Belair in the process.

Last week on RAW, the EST of WWE used her braid as a weapon to launch a vicious attack on Becky Lynch following a 6-woman tag team match. The attack left scars on Big Time Becks' body, and she was desperate to get revenge.