*Spoiler* Kevin Owens launched a sensational challenge

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*Spoiler* Kevin Owens launched a sensational challenge

In recent weeks there has been nothing but talk of Stone Cold Steve Austin's possible return to the ring at Wrestlemania 38, with the WWE management who seem to be wanting Hall of Famer featuring in the Showcase of the Immortals at all costs, despite the athlete's physical conditions not being the best, after 19 years of inactivity in the sector.

His last match, in fact, dates back to the edition of Wrestlemania 19, when Austin went to battle once again with The Rock, his nemesis par excellence in the Attitude Era of the company, immediately after Vince McMahon. Apparently, WWE would have offered a real match to the athlete and so now it would be up to him, Steve himself, to decide whether or not to get in the ring at the show.

In the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Kevin Owens decided to make his challenge official, going to do a promo at the end of the show, after their defeat against RK-Bro, in the titled match valid for the company's tag team belts, with the Canadian who once again attacked the state of Texas, bringing up important names from that state.

During his hate speech, Kevin Owens brought up names like JBL, Booker T and Shawn Michaels, whom the Canadian said he would not want to see at the Showcase of the Immortals.

Kevin Owens challenges Steve Austin

The name that Owens would like to see, is instead that of Steve Austin, who arrived at a very low moment in his life, according to Owens, with the fighter who would now be physically and literally destroyed even morally as a person.

Owens' attack has been direct and hard on the WWE Hall of Famer and apparently, it will serve the WWE to build one of the most anticipated segments of the show's two nights, with everything appearing to have now become a "simple" segment.

and no longer a match as originally rumored. In all of this, Owens has promised to drink a glass of milk on Stone Cold's unconscious body, after he hits it with Stunner's. We just have to wait for the response from the Hall of Famer, which will most likely arrive in the next few weeks if not actually at Wrestlemania.

On May 18th, 2015, Kevin Owens made his surprise debut on the main roster, where he could dominate the brand even though he was the NXT Champion. At the time, Owens was seen as The Prizefighter and only cared about adding gold to his collection.

It's obvious that his potential has been wasted following his move over to SmackDown and now Owens needs something to allow him to pick up where he left off. This move over to RAW could be a way for WWE to reset Owens' timeline and allow him to push towards Championship glory in the company.