*Spoiler* Becky Lynch was hospitalized

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*Spoiler* Becky Lynch was hospitalized
*Spoiler* Becky Lynch was hospitalized

In the penultimate edition of Monday Night Raw last week, Becky Lynch suffered several real lashes at the hands of the former blue show champion Bianca Belair, with the current red show champion receiving several marks on her body.

which remained imprinted on her body for several days, as confirmed and documented by Lynch herself through some tweets in recent days. During last week's contest, the current Monday Night Raw champion did not behave very well, going to annoy her opponent at Wrestlemania 38, beating and pulling her hair, with Bianca who has been wearing a long braid that is part of her character for years now.

In response, Becky's opponent decided to take revenge with some lashes, but apparently, even in the company's last live event of the weekend, there seem to have been further clashes between the two, which led the champion to do some research.

even in-depth in the emergency room.

Becky Lynch sustained multiple bruises

Through a post that she shared on her official Instagram account, the champion of Monday Night Raw, Becky Lynch, wanted to make known to fans why she would not have been present at the weekly episode of the red show, with the girl who was in fact hospitalized before the show, for the results of some shots received by Bianca Belair in the last live event of the weekend not captured by WWE cameras in the city of Allentown.

According to the champion of the WWE red show, her opponent would have tried to silence her by hitting her in the vocal cords, with Becky Lynch thus wanting to blame Bianca for her intervention in the emergency room, when obviously the blow we all know it was fortuitous.

But let's see the photo and the caption that Becky Lynch wanted to leave her fans in the last few hours: "Unfortunately I won't be on Raw tonight. Not only did Bianca mercilessly whip me with an illegal weapon that is her hair last week, but last night in the Allentown main event, she tried to take my greatest weapon, speech, off me and fractured my larynx.

She won't be able to keep me good that easily. She will be back next week. You can't pronounce Wrestlemania without the I."

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