Raw: Stone Cold Steve Austin accepts the challenge

Stone Cold Steve Austin has officially answered Kevin Owens' challenge

by Simone Brugnoli
Raw: Stone Cold Steve Austin accepts the challenge

During Monday Night Raw Kevin Owens invited Stone Cold Steve Austin, after weeks of insulting the Texas that will host the Showcase of the Immortals, to join him on the Kevin Owens Show at WrestleMania 38. Recently, via a WWE social media video, the beer lover accepted this invitation: "19 years ago I fought my last match in a WWE ring.

After three Rock Bottoms, 1, 2, 3, I lost the match. For 19 years, I had to live with that defeat, knowing my time was up. Kevin Owens, I want to thank you. I want to thank you for awakening something inside of me that I have kept buried for 19 years.

Ever since you started talking about Texas, the great state of Texas, you have my attention. Why do you want to do this, Kevin? Two reasons come to mind. One, you're a stupid son of a bitch. Two, you're about to get kicked in the ass by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Whether you want to call this the KO Show, a match, a fight, a fight, whatever. I want to guarantee you this, in Dallas, Texas, where I started my career, at Wrestlemania, Stone Cold Steve Austin will open one last can of spanking for you, Kevin Owens.

That's the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so!"

Stone Cold Steve Austin will face Kevin Owens

Here is part of the company's statement: "After weeks of Kevin Owens messing with Texas", Stone Cold Steve Austin accepted the Superstar's explicit invitation to confront him on "The KO Show" as part of Wrestlemania on Saturdays.

"[…] What happens when The Texas Rattlesnake hits the biggest stage of all to face Owens on Wrestlemania Saturday?" So for now it seems that the two only have to talk and confront normally, but obviously, no one excludes a match or physical action between the two.

What is certain is that with two superstars of this caliber, it will be fun. The 16-time World Champion appeared for WWE at SummerSlam last year. It's evident that every time Cena comes back; it generates good revenue for the company.

So will we see The Leader of Cenation at WrestleMania 38? It appears that Cena's Hollywood schedule will keep him from appearing at this year's WrestleMania. The Peacemaker star has certainly been keeping himself busy outside the ring with multiple projects on both the big and small screen.

With or without Cena, WWE has a lot riding on WrestleMania 38, and the WWE Universe is very hopeful that the company will deliver come April.

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