Raw: Edge cut a surprising promo

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Raw: Edge cut a surprising promo

24/7 Championship match: Dana Brooke vs Tamina. Already before the match, we are shown an episode backstage in which Akira Tozawa asks Tamina for a kiss of good luck and the Samoan pleases him. The match, of course, isn't nice and ends for Dana's RollUp, which she keeps.

After the match Tozawa says that Brooke is a cheat and her real winner is the love of her life, then opens her arms to Tamina. WWE Hall of Famer Edge walked out on WWE RAW after Omos squashed Apollo Crews in a quick match. The Rated-R Superstar looked to explain his actions from last week after he attacked AJ Styles.

Edge explains his actions

Edge also said he wanted to open his eyes and realize that he is now in control of everything. He ended his promo by staring a hole through the WWE Universe. The promo was short but effective. The Ultimate Opportunist is one of the best mic workers in the industry, and he did not disappoint.

However, there wasn't anything different in this promo as compared to the ones he cut during his Universal Championship feud. This she refuses all her affection and starts to leave, but stopping on the ropes and sending a long-distance kiss to the Japanese, which she likes.

The episode allows me to give this first part of the report the title of one of the songs of the only famous woman that I love more than dear Natalya. And also on the occasion of the women's day. Excellent start. - Backstage Seth Rollins is interviewed by Kevin Patrick but does not say a word, still scandalized by the result of his match.

Edge had been tasked with putting up an amazing show at Backlash. His match against Randy Orton at WrestleMania 36 was great, but it only put more pressure on the superstars to top their previous performance. Throughout the buildup to Backlash, the match was constantly hyped as ‘The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’.

This undoubtedly put a huge amount of pressure on Edge, who was still rusty from a nine-year absence from pro-wrestling. With the super-high expectations from the match and his long absence from WWE, it is not surprising at all that he got injured in this way.