Raw: Damian Priest is increasingly unstoppable

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Raw: Damian Priest is increasingly unstoppable

Miz TV! The Miz and Logan Paul promise that at Wrestlemania they will give a lesson to the Mysterios, then welcome the special guest of the episode, namely Jerry ''The King'' Lawler. Lawler begins by saying goodbye to his Cleveland and saying that it would be nice to have a Wrestlemania there, but Mizanin is not convinced, in fact, he knows that that city is not suitable for big events and the real winners leave it as soon as they can, just like they are about to do him and his friend Logan.

The two of the improvised tag team for Wrestlemania greet the audience who boo and leave, leaving poor Jerry Lawler alone on the square. Not a great return for the King of Memphis. - Backstage Bron Breakker, interviewed by Kevin Patrick, says he is grateful for being invited to Raw to represent NXT and, together with Tommaso Ciampa, they will prove to be better than Dirty Dawgs.

Balor hit a shotgun dropkick in the corner and prepared for the Coup de Grace. Damian Priest came out and hit him with a chokeslam from the top rope. Damian Priest once again punished Balor by hitting the Razor's Edge - leaving him in a heap.

Damian Priest is unleashed

Theory ended the segment by taking a selfie with The Prince for good measure. Balor and Theory have put on some really good matches together. The two men could soon end up having a great contest for a top title.

The Archer of Infamy has had a notable heel turn on RAW, and it could lead to some good matches for him down the line. Ciampa confines himself to confirm the ideas of his friend/foe. - Bron Breakker & Tommaso Ciampa vs The Dirty Dawgs.

Technically very good and useful match to show Ciampa and Breakker to those who do not follow NXT, but I already know them, so I see it as a useless filler match. The victory obviously goes to the two protagonists of the rainbow show.

After the match, Ziggler points out that the two make friends a lot, but tomorrow they will be opponents in a 3-player match and will not be able to watch their backs, so he will be the new NXT champion. His father taught him martial arts from whom he learned Japanese Gōjū-ryū karate.

He also encouraged Damien Priest to pursue his dream in wrestling. Before embracing a career in professional wrestling, he won two championships in the full mixed martial arts. To learn his craft, he entered the New Jersey-based Monster Factory wrestling school to kick start his wrestling journey. He competed in independent circuits until his entry in the Ring of Honor.