Are The Usos the best tag team right now?

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Are The Usos the best tag team right now?

In the last edition of SmackDown, The Usos defended their tag team titles from the onslaught of the Viking Raiders. The extraordinary athletic abilities of the SmackDown champions have left everyone speechless, so much so that many have changed their minds on the actual value of Jey and Jimmy.

The two were also instrumental in Roman Reigns' rise, helping him defeat Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel last year. During their WWE career, the Usos have held the SmackDown Tag Team Championship five times and their fifth reign - a whopping 235 days - is the longest in the belt's history.

They have also won the WWE Tag Team Championship twice, making them a total of seven duo champions. Jey and Jimmy are twin brothers and sons of Solofa Fatu, better known to the general public as Rikishi. They are second cousins ​​of two legends like The Rock and Roman Reigns.

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell selected the Usos as the best couple around.

Backstage news on The Usos

"The Usos have given birth to beautiful encounters in the last year. The tag team division has grown considerably thanks to them, having achieved a chemistry that has few equals in the modern era.

Being part of the same family helps them when they are in the ring. I think they have been the absolute best in the past twelve months. New Day has also done great things, but I think it is a step below the Usos” - explained Mantell.

“The truth is, Jey and Jimmy work great together. They have used all the chances they have had available and always manage to find a way to win. I was surprised at how well they performed, as they weren't as hyped when they came to WWE.

Thanks to their commitment and the help of the guys backstage, they have improved more and more. They get along well right now, they don't even need to talk to each other. They are at the peak of their career" - he added.

Ever since Roman Reigns won the WWE Universal Championship at Payback 2020, the relationship with both Jimmy and Jey Uso hasn't always been smooth. The Tribal Chief took on and defeated both of them in singles matches.

But they were unstoppable when the trio were on the same page and formed The Bloodline. Last July, The Usos won the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships at Money In The Bank.