The Hall of Fame ceremony will be very special this year

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The Hall of Fame ceremony will be very special this year

For now, WWE has announced that the first two to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame are The Undertaker, who by Vince McMahon himself, and then Vader, to whom still the person who will introduce him, at least as far as the public sphere is concerned, is not.

it is known if behind the scenes it has already been established. Dave Meltzer, in his latest Wrestling Observer Radio, said that some of the introductions scheduled this year will be digital-only during the ceremony that anticipates Wrestlemania.

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The WWE Hall of Fame features some of the most influential names in professional wrestling history, but it also has some notable absentees. The reporter said: "One thing I've heard is also that since The Undertaker's Hall Of Fame induction will be so great, they'll only do one show in the 90-minute window because they'll be doing it from 10 pm: 30 to midnight and 9:30 pm to 11:00 pm local time, due to the late hour and that things there.

I have heard that they can announce this class, but some of the people who will be inducted will be digitally introduced in the opposite cases to the usual number 8 as I think it is." Also during his speech, the reporter also added: "The Undertaker will receive great treatment.

I assume that could be the same for Vader, he was a really big star, but a lot of the other guys, and again we talk about those 90 minutes, will not receive the same treatment as part of the ceremony, but only digitally."

With the Covid, we have also seen other Superstars who have left their message broadcast on the mega screen precisely because they are unable to physically take part in the ceremony, but we do not know if with these words Dave Meltzer was referring to something completely different, almost exactly like if they were there live to give their speech live.

We remind you that the ceremony will take place on Friday 1 April at the American Airlines Center in Dallas as part of Wrestlemania Week immediately after Friday Night SmackDown. The controversial star also briefly explained why he decided to quit Vince McMahon's company in 1998: "I don't know.

So, maybe never [Hall of Fame induction], I don't know. You know, Vince is mad at me because I left when I walked out on him. Why? It was booking and personal reasons of mine that I had to deal with, you know," revealed Ahmed Johnson.