Did Vince McMahon base a WWE character on himself?

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Did Vince McMahon base a WWE character on himself?

One of the personalities of wrestling, Dutch Mantell, has heard around that Vince McMahon based one of the characters in WWE on himself, on him in real life and we're talking about The Undertaker. "There is a rumor that has been circulating in wrestling circles for years that Vince, when he invented The Undertaker, through Mark, invented an image of himself.

The boy feels no pain, he will never die, always coming back through the worst things you can give him. It was almost a self-image of what Vince saw." Mark Calaway performed as "Mean" Mark Callous in WCW before making his WWE debut as The Undertaker in November 1990.

Dutch Mantell, a respected booker and wrestling manager, advised him to make a good impression in WCW to capture the attention of Vince McMahon: "I mean, he wanted to go to WWE / WWF before he went to WCW, and I advised him to go to WCW first to be admired by Vince, because he watches that TV, and make him think what he could do if he had you.

I think he was in WCW maybe a year and then Vince called him." Then he went on with an anecdote: "Mark didn't go to Stamford to meet Vince. He went to Boca Raton, Florida, to Vince's summer house, and that's where they talked about it and that's where it was all done.

I think. for Vince to look back and say, 'You know, this was one of my greatest inventions'”.

Vince McMahon has built an empire with WWE

In his exclusive live interview on The Pat McAfee Show with SmackDown commentator Pat McAfee, Vince McMahon said, “Undertaker, of course, will be in the Hall of Fame.

I will have the privilege of inducting him into the Hall of Fame. He will be one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. I like the boy. I love the boy. We have known each other for many years and we have experienced all kinds of situations."

On reflection, Dutch Mantell believes McMahon Jr. was right to think that Andy Kaufman’s form of entertainment would be suited to WWE: “The old man, Vince’s father, was still alive, and Vince’s father put the kibosh to it and didn’t bring him, and then he said (he could have kicked himself) every time he would see him on the [David] Letterman show or he would see something. Kaufman got eyeballs on the product and on Memphis, and it helped Lawler tremendously”.