WWE accelerates for the return of Cody Rhodes

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WWE accelerates for the return of Cody Rhodes

In recent weeks there is nothing but talk of the situation involving former TNT Champion Cody Rhodes and All Elite Wrestling, with the youngest of the Rhodes brothers, sons of the American Dream, Dusty, who has decided to separate himself and his wife Brandi from the AEW, two years after the TV debut of the number two company of America.

Cody Rhodes, together with Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks and former first AEW world champion Chris Jericho, were the main architects of All Elite Wrestling for what it has become since the beginning, with Cody who was even one of the vice presidents of the company, wanted by Tony Khan himself.

Apparently, immediately after the message with which Tony Khan thanked the contribution in AEW of Cody and his wife Brandi, formalizing their farewell, some very important details about the situation and how we got here would begin to emerge.

Obviously WWE was the first company to show an interest in the wrestler, which apparently would be much closer than it seems to a return to Stamford, but for the moment nothing official has yet emerged from the circles of the McMahon company.

Backstage news on Cody Rhodes

Apparently, according to what Dave Meltzer hypothesized, in one of his latest Wrestling Observer newsletters, it would seem that WWE may already have the venue from which to stage the return of Cody Rhodes.

In his speech, Meltzer in fact stated: "So, that's the situation. Obviously, WWE wants him back before Wrestlemania, in time for some projects and I think it's only 3 weeks left before Wrestlemania. So I know there will be an episode of Raw in Jacksonville shortly, if he goes to Wrestlemania it would make sense to debut him in Jacksonville if they come to an agreement, about which we know nothing for the moment.

If it doesn't appear, I assume the deal won't be closed yet, because that's the date they want it (WWE). So, from what we know he has plans for Wrestlemania and it has been going on for days, as well as the discussion and I think we'll know more about that soon."

As per Fightful Select (via CSS), Rhodes was pitched as Rollins' opponent for WrestleMania. The match is up in the air right now as The American Nightmare is taking his time in deciding where to sign next. "Sources for Fightful Select’s recent Cody Rhodes update indicated Cody was pitched as Seth Rollins’ WrestleMania opponent, but that’s obviously up in the air now," the report said.