Bron Breakker is very close to the main roster

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Bron Breakker is very close to the main roster

One of the biggest names that WWE has managed to bring in this new guise of NXT 2.0, is that of its old all-time champion, Bron Breakker, with Rick Steiner's young son who just lost his title, in front of the simultaneous attack of Tommaso Ciampa, former titleholder and Dolph Ziggler, main roster athlete who has just become NXT champion.

In fact, in the general clamor and surprise, Dolph Ziggler managed to snatch the title from Breakker's hands, pinning Ciampa just over 24 hours ago, after the miraculous intervention as always by Robert Roode, who he avoided a couple of pins for friend Ziggler.

After the defeat at the hands of the now WWE veteran, it seems that there are some very serious plans for Bron Breakker, which could also take him away from NXT in the near future, although his debut at NXT is only a few months away.

What's next for Bron Breakker?

Apparently, according to what has been revealed in the last hours by the usual and ever-present Dave Meltzer, to the Wrestling Observer microphones, it would seem that the top management of the WWE wants to soon bring on stage in the rings of Monday Night Raw or those of Friday Night Smackdown the son of the future Hall of Famer.

In this update, Meltzer stated in fact: "Bron Breakker has lost, but most likely he will go on to win the title back against Ziggler. There are rumors that he will be on the main roster soon. He is already working on the weekend WWE live events.

Maybe he'll lose and go straight to the main roster, I don't know. He and Gable Steveson are already slated for main roster material. It's a tough comparison because Bron Breakker is sure to make it. Gable Steveson, on the other hand, is a phenomenal athlete of great depth."

After having fought only 19 on-screen matches with WWE, it seems that the company is ready to send Rick's son and grandson of Scott Steiner to the main roster, so as to be able to enrich once again the Wrestlemania 38 card.

The NXT Championship storyline was prominent on RAW this week as Breakker made an appearance on the red brand. The former NXT Champion and Ciampa took on The Dirty Dawgs, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. Breakker and Blackheart showed they can work well together despite their differences.

The match ended when Breakker took control with the signature press and slammed Ziggler to make an impressive statement on RAW.