Latest news on Natalya's current status

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Latest news on Natalya's current status

Natalya is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary women that the wrestling world has ever had, a great professional and has always been a symbol of kindness and availability for colleagues and colleagues. In many interviews, the young athletes have expressed the desire to challenge the veteran in the ring and her colleagues, those with whom she has already collaborated or with whom she collaborates even now from week to week, always spend flattering words towards her, for not to mention the fact that when they need some advice, they immediately run to the Canadian, such as when they went to ask her about her experience in Saudi Arabia to deal with the difficulties that wrestlers might encounter in that country.

In addition to having done so many things in WWE that have led her to hold many records, as she reminds us now, always entering with the Guinness World Record book, the female fighter of the Hart family, together with her husband TJ Wilson, is concerned about prepare many young wrestlers in the gym that the two set up during the pandemic when it became impossible for wrestlers to train in the gym or at home because the lockdown had closed all activities and not everyone has the opportunity to have a ring in the garden or in the garage of your own home.

Backstage news on Natalya

Natalya is one of WWE's long-standing superstars, competing for the company since January 2007 when she signed her first deal. No wonder, with her longevity, that eventually she would reach some record-breaking milestones.

Interviewed by NBC Chicago, current 24/7 champion Dana Brooke answered the question of who should be the next woman to be inducted into WWE HOF: "She's a current WWE superstar, but she's been here for so long she should be Natalya.

I know she's not retired, but she's a legend, a living legend. That's exactly right. She's the Guinness World Record champion right now. She paved the way from where she started to where she is now. It doesn't mean she can't fight in the future.

But I feel like the time is now and they have to capitalize on that moment and that's what we should do, capitalize on Natalya's moments. She has gone from working with previous WWE Superstars to working with current WWE Superstars. It would be incredible for her to be introduced and the best is yet to come for her, I truly believe it."